Flight # 55 (Boy's) Dec 5-7, 2008

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Flight # 55 (Boy's) Dec 5-7, 2008

Postby Sandy » Thu Apr 17, 2008 4:56 pm

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you;
he will never leave you nor forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6

Name - Town - Sponsor
Josiah Alstott - Brazil - Ahnya Alstott
Garrett Archambeault - Terre Haute - Matt Archambeault
Hunter Barnes - Terre Haute - Kevin & Trini Barnes
Russell Bennett - Terre Haute - Kelsey Hiland
Kurtis Broyles - Bowling Green - Joe & Lynn Broyles
Jarrod Clevenger - Rockville - Sarah Russell
Sean Cody - Terre Haute - Megan McFarland
Philip Deter - Clay City - Courtney Rundel
Chris Downing - Terre Haute - John Konkey
Tony Fabbri - Brazil - Krista Harden
Anthony Finigan - Terre Haute - Eric Vanatti
Chris Funk - Brazil - David Funk
Quinton Heffner - Center Point - Myrna Heffner
Greg Jackson - Terre Haute - Stephen Brannan
Nathan Jackson - Cedar Lake - Troy Timberman
Matt Kimmel - Clay City - Erica Kimmel
David King - Terre Haute - Megan McFarland
John McLaughlin - Newburgh - Stephen Brannan
Josh Pigg - Terre Haute - Carolyn Pigg
Danny Romanyk - Terre Haute - Dan Romanyk
Dustin Scott - Terre Haute - Donny Toney
Aaron Stoermann - Wheatfield - Andrew Nicoson
Adam Sumner - Clay City - Stephen Johnson
Ryan Taylor - Franklin - Troy Timberman
Kevin Waelbroeck - Brazil - Cheryl Waelbroeck
Chad Welty - Terre Haute - Danny Beyrer
Peter Westrick - Terre Haute - Danny Beyrer
Joseph Wright - Terre Haute - Emily Reed
Ryan Yowell - Terre Haute - Tim Miller

Lay Director - Chuck Brooks*
Youth Lay Director - Hunter Lavoine*
Assistant Lay Directors:
Sam Atkinson
Jerry Purcell
Lee Anstead
Board Rep - Jac Padgett

Spiritual Director - Chris Lee*
Assistant Spiritual Directors:
Jeff Lee*
Tom Barnett*

Head - Joshua Harris
Jacob Osborn
Tyler Mattox
Danny Beyrer

Adult Table Leaders:
John Konkey
Tim Miller*
Brandon Wells
Alan Steiner*
Troy Timberman (College)*
Tracy Sutliff (College)*

Youth Table Leaders:
Adam Anstead*
Nate Williams
Jeremy Hart*
Evan Steiner
Andy Jolliff (College)
Evan Potts (College)

Head - Jim Pond
Brad Seymour
Jared Atkinson
Christian Barnett
George Fisher
Andrew Nicoson
Steve Brannan
William-Dean Acree
Caleb Whitman
Jamie Bays
Cory Anstead
Orry Heffner

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