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Flight #78 (Boys), November 21-23, 2014

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:59 pm
by Becky Jeffers
Please be in prayer for the team and caterpillars!

Bob Miller, Lay Director
Doug Richardson, ALD
Sam Atkinson, ALD
Chris Johnson, ALD
Andrew Corder, YLD
Jerry Percel, BR

Chris Lee, SD
Jeff Lee
Tim Ramsier
Brook Reinoehle
Jeff Deck

Adult Table Leaders

Stephen Johnson
Tim Miller
Mark Sellers
Mike Stoehr
Ethan Rayburn

Youth Table Leaders
Jacob Harden
Asher Mace
Cale McCoy
Caleb Sprigg
Dario Stephens

Tyler Mattox
Tyler Allen
Robert Hopkins
Andrew Konkey
Cullen Mace
Caleb Sutherlin

Joel Bragg, Head Log
Jack Padget
Brad Seymore
Aron Shipley
Jim Pond
Kevin Kingery
Billy Fisher
Jim Rayburn
David Waite
Mic Adams
Jeremy Maffioli
Joe Anderson
Kevin Montgomery
Micah Baysinger
Devin Coffin
Levi Majors
Cody Moon
Mason Murphy
Kyle Thorp

Re: Flight #78 (Boys), November 21-23, 2014

Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:00 pm
by Becky Jeffers
Caterpillar Name * Hometown, ST * Sponsor

Jeremiah Arakaki-Lemmon * Clinton, IN * Joannie Waite
Peyton Allen * Marshall, IL * David and Paula Sprigg
Jeremy Devore * Marshall, IL* Billy Fisher
**Nathan Ennis * ? * Kevin Miller
Phillip Jackson * Terre Haute, IN * Kyle Jackson
Dillon Kingery * Clinton, IN * Dawn Kingery
Austen Kozloff * Marshall, IL * David and Paula Sprigg
**Klayton Lawson * ? * Maddie Lawson
Shane Lunsford * Brazil, IN * John and Jane Mace
Josh Pruitt * Terre Haute, IN * Mike and Ginger Pruitt
Alex Reinoehl * Carbon, IN * Brook Reinoehl
Richard Tarrh * Terre Haute, IN * Ric May
Ben Wallace * Centerpoint, IN * Sydni Britton

**Late additions

Total boys = 13
Last Updated 11/22/14 at 1:34 p.m.

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Becky Jeffers, Registrar