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Flight # 73 (Girl's) Nov 15-17, 2013

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:43 pm
by Sandy
Applications are being accepted for participants!!! Please send them to PO Box 306, Brazil, IN 47834, as soon as possible!

Please cover this flight in your prayers!!!

Re: Flight # 73 (Girl's) Nov 15-17, 2013

Posted: Tue Oct 15, 2013 8:02 pm
by Becky Jeffers

*Mary Schroer--SD
*Melissa Sawyer—LD
*Gabi Pruitt—YLD
Trini Barnes—BR
Misti Haney—ALD
Michelle Lee—ALD
*Laura Williams—ALD

*Toni Cooksey
*Larry Swan
*Terry Jeffers
*Paul Myers

Jenny Wire—Head
Rachel McClelland
Sara Krock
Ashton Dillon
McKenzie Killeen

Table Leaders
*Jess Berryhill—TL
Lynn Padgett—TL
Ginger Pruitt—TL
Jamee Reberger—TL
*Mari Bennett—YTL
Samantha Dyer—YTL
*Hannah Jones—YTL
Jessica Metz - YTL

Darcy Bass—Head Log
Michaela Allen
Sally Bass
Lisa Deakins
Hayley Hayhurst
Meredith Heffner
Becky Jeffers
Caitlyn LeLoup
*Mannah Mace
Lisa Metz
*Carrie Sellers
Lynzi Sellers
Jennifer Stewart
Molly Williams


Re: Flight # 73 (Girl's) Nov 15-17, 2013

Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2013 1:23 pm
by Becky Jeffers

Name *** Hometown *** Sponsor
Alexus Abrams *** Shelburn, IN *** Hollie and John Cunningham
Morgan Aker *** Reelsville, IN *** Patty Aker
Hanna Barnett *** Staunton, IN ***Greg and Amanda Barnett
Taylor Baugh *** Terre Haute, IN *** Cathy Rogers
Mackenzie Budd *** Rockville, IN ***Kathy Deal
Tabitha Cochran *** Cory, IN *** Coleen Dayhuff
Chantal Dayhuff *** Bowling Green, IN *** Melody Culler
Ashley Deakins *** Brazil, IN *** Lisa Deakins
Sarah Fulks *** Brazil, IN *** Charles and Dawn Fulks
Kaytlin Galloway ***Brazil, IN ***Anita Onken
Kaitlynn Harris *** Brazil, IN *** Ettie and Dave Evans
Nellie Jackson *** West Terre Haute, IN *** Michael Allee
Elena Mnaraji *** Terre Haute, IN *** Mari Bennett
Fernanda Pereira *** Brazil, IN *** Jane Mace
Ainsley Sawyer *** Terre Haute, IN *** Chris and Melissa Sawyer
Jordan Scherb *** Brazil, IN *** Hannah Reinoehl
Hannah Smith *** Brazil, IN *** Kim and Jennifer Smith

Count = 17
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