Flight # 67 (Boy's) Nov 18-20, 2011

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Flight # 67 (Boy's) Nov 18-20, 2011

Postby Sandy » Fri May 20, 2011 3:43 pm

Please continue to keep our 19 new butterflies in your prayers!
Fly with Christ!!!

Lay Director - John Konkey*
Youth Lay Director - Austin Brown*
Assistant Lay Directors -
Sam Atkinson
Jim Deal
Brad Seymour
Board Rep - Jeff Stockton

Spiritual Director - Tim Ramseier*
Assistant Spiritual Directors -
Jeff Deck*
Jeremy Lamb*
Chris Lee*
Jeff Lee*

Head Music - Tyler Mattox
Music Team -
Nathaniel Corey
Aaron Gant
Cam Quinn

Adults -
Bernie Gibson
Bob Miller
Doug Richardson
Alan Steiner
Mike Stoehr
Youth -
Tyler Allen
Joel Bragg
Brandon Crowley
Billy Fisher
Brandon Himes
Andy Krock

Head Log - Lee Anstead
Mick Adams
Adam Anstead
Brian Atkinson
Jared Atkinson
George Fisher
Matt Flesher
Josh Gregg
Darian Haggerty
Devin Harvey
Damon Howard
Jeff Paitson
Jim Pond
Jac Padgett

Please keep the team, speakers and caterpillars in your prayers!!!
Becky Jeffers
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Re: Flight # 67 (Boy's) Nov 18-20, 2011

Postby Becky Jeffers » Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:14 am


Name * Hometown * Sponsor
Isaac Bahney * Clay City, IN * Lee and Marilyn Bahney
Damon Bass * Brazil, IN Kent and Sally Bass
Michael Brooks * Cory, IN * Lori Brooks
Tyler Burns * Brazil, IN * Lynn Broyles
Jonathan Eilbracht * Terre Haute, IN * Jim Pond
Bradley Furney * Farmersburg, IN * Doug Richardson
Kyle Hubbard * Terre Haute, IN * Scott and Marcia Lough
J. Andrew Konkey * Terre Haute, IN * John Konkey
Brandon Lough * Terre Haute, IN * Scott and Marcia Lough
Brent Monnett * West Terre Haute, IN * Bob Miller
Kevin Montgomery * Terre Haute, IN * Tom Barnett
Nathan Moshos * Terre Haute, IN * Jim Pond
Grant Potts * Terre Haute, IN * Jim Pond
Brandon Powers * Farmersburg, IN * Marcia Lough
Justin Quinn * Terre Haute, IN * Cameron Quinn
Tucker Ray * Terre Haute, IN * Kim Ray
Cory Unthank * Indianapolis, IN * Devin Harvey
Lawrence Wagner * Terre Haute, IN * Darian Haggerty
Zacheaus Whallon * Terre Haute, IN *
19 Caterpillars :lol:
Fly With Christ,
Becky Jeffers, Registrar

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