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2016 El Shaddai Emmaus Board of Directors

Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 8:06 pm
by kathydeal
Community Lay Director: Dave Beil
Assistant Community Lay Director: Kim Burton
Secretary: Sue Jarvis
Assistant Secretary: Nick Agresta
Treasurer: Donna Voll
Assistant Treasurer: Sue Seyfert
Community Spiritual Director: Bob Kumpf
Assistant Community Spiritual Directors: Mike Baker, Kevin Drane, and
Registration: Ervin Buse
Team Selection: Carol Allen, Kathy Deal, Bernie Gibson, and Pat Killeen
Memorial Fund: Bernie Gibson
Newsletter: Rita Steed
Mailing List: Donna Voll
Website: Kathy Deal
Transportation: Dave Beil
Music: Dave Beil
Gatherings: Sue Jarvis and Nick Agresta
Sponsorship: Kathy Deal and Sue Seyfert
Agape: Rita Steed
Reunion Groups: Pat Killeen
Chrysalis: Pat Killeen
Maintenance: Cathie Browne